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City Carts, originally called decocarts

the number one reference in terms of golf cart rentals in Miami and Miami Beach


If you are in Miami or if you have been there before, you have probably seen a City Carts golf cart rolling down the streets of South Beach. How to recognize it? It’s simple! This is a pretty fun looking golf cart. Inside it are friends, family, couples, children or animals, laughing, enjoying their time in Miami Beach. Most often you will hear loud music before seeing the golf cart as these have powerful Bluetooth speakers so that you can enjoy your ride in a fun way.

City Carts, originally called decocarts, has been operating in Miami South Beach since 2016. We are now the number one reference in terms of golf cart rentals in Miami and Miami Beach, also including Star Island.

We take great pride in being the only golf cart rental company in South that replaces the entire rental fleet each year. It is our priority to provide our valued customers with safe, top of the line equipment. The customer experience is also very important to us. Most of our customers are in Miami and come across our website looking for fun things to do in Miami. We want their experience to be impeccable so that they keep a pleasant memory of vacation.

It has been several years that City Carts has been accompanying tourists and residents of Miami for their festive trips for all the events organized throughout the year. It is not uncommon to see a bunch of City Carts golf carts rolling through the streets of Miami at events such as Art Basel, Independance Day, Ultra Music Festival, Miami International Boat Show, Miami Beach Gay Parade, Miami Art Deco Weekend and much more. Traveling by golf cart is so much more fun!

If you are looking for a fun way to get around Miami Beach, these fun, open-air vehicles will allow you to enjoy the fresh island air and soak in the beauty of Miami Beach as you drive around visiting its unique attractions and taking in its amazing sights and sounds.

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