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There's another way... ride around town
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Easy parking

Your CityCart will fit in the tiniest spots
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Ride in style

and never get hot!
South Beach sees millions of visitors each year... Traffic and pollution have steadily increased.

How do you get around when you stay in South Beach?

Rent a car ?

Welcome to traffic and parking hell! Why stay inside when it’s gorgeous out there!?

Take a cab ?

Good luck with that, they come in all flavors in South Beach…

Rent a bike?

Don’t try luggage, kids or family….

Hop on a CityCart, a better way to ride around town!

Easy Ride

Drive around the beach in style and relaxation

Eco Friendly

100% electric, silent and no pollution

Plenty of room

You can shop without restraints

Bring the family

Up to four adults will fit comfortably

Easy Parking

Park even in the tiniest spots

Stay Cool

Ride down ocean drive in the sun and never get hot

Bring that Latte

Equipped with cup holders


Equipped with seatbelts for everyone






CityCarts are technically related to your good old golf cart, except that we have made every effort to leave their boring cousins behind.

Completely custom built and street legal, CityCarts can ride on the streets of Miami Beach just like any other vehicle.

We have lifted them, styled them and made them a joy to ride.


You have a range of about 20 miles per charge, so you’re not going to Fort Lauderdale, but most of our renters don’t venture past 30th street or so.

CityCarts are built for the small streets on Miami Beach, the shopping areas and for sightseeing. If you use the cart within that radius and keep an eye on the battery gauge you won’t have a problem. It is always good practice to plug the cart into an outlet when parked so you always start your ride on a full charge.

And don’t worry about finding yourself stranded with dead batteries, we’re a phone call away to swap out that pack and get you moving again!


Legally you can go anywhere where the speed limit is up to 30mph.

Stay on the smaller roads and you will find yourself flowing with traffic without any issues.

The average speed in South Beach hardly exceeds 5mph…


Well, you’re in a golf cart so there’s a good chance you will get wet if it pours.

You can pop down the front window so the rain doesn’t hit you in the face.

Get where you need to go or just pull over for a coffee, and the rain will be over before you know it.

By the way, our Carts carry a free towel, so you can wipe the seats.


Be over 21

Have a valid drivers license

Have a credit card.


NO, Duh… You are operating a motor vehicle on a public street, so you can not drink and drive. Ever. Sames laws as for cars (or bikes…).


We promise you you’ll have a blast with your CtyCart. Please use it responsibly. We’re here to make South Beach a less congested place, reduce pollution and to provide a safe environment for our children. Part of this effort is you being a responsible driver.

Have fun, be courteous and remember you’re not in a rush. You will see how relaxing the ride becomes.

Still have Questions ?

Feel free to contact us by email or call us at +1 (786) 383-2278



A lot of fun, I recommend !

"A very nice experience , a lot of fun , I recommend ! A louer absolument une voiture de golf pour découvrir Miami Beach ! Demander Monique elle parle Français et espagnol et elle est adorable"
Brigitte OfcourseMiami - January 27th 2016 - 5 stars (Facebook)

It's an awesome way to get around

First of all it's an awesome way to get around and second of all the feeling is great! Really felt like a child and had a blast. A great overall experience
Eric C. - May 15th, 2015 - 5 stars - Facebook

No gas, eco friendly and SO MUCH FUN !

Decocarts is the way to go !!! If you are planning to spend some days in Miami Beach you have to get one... They are so convenient ! Don't worry about the send on your feet, boiling car on the parking lot or getting wet in the car... No gas, eco friendly and SO MUCH FUN ! You'll ride like a Rockstar ! Get ready to get your picture taken 😉 Much better than scooters since you can ride all together which means have fun together !
Kevin G., Miami Beach - January 20th 2015 - 5 stars - Yelp

Enjoy the beautiful weather and get a tan while driving!

Such a fun way to drive around South Beach! The carts are easy to drive, park and you don't need to go to the gas station because they are electric. What is also easy is that you can pick up a cart or get it delivered to where you are staying. Enjoy the beautiful weather and get a tan while driving!;-)
Roos D. - January 29th 2015 - 5 Stars - Yelp

Our experience was so wonderful

I came to South Beach with 3 of my girl friends and we decided to try these (...). I initially had purchased two days only to try it out, but after our first day in the cart we quickly decided that this was indeed the best mode of transportation besides walking or cabing it! We received so much attention in the cart and really felt like the talk of the town. (...) We even ended up paying for an extra day (...) because our experience was so wonderful. South Beach will never be the same without driving one of these bad boys around! I would definitely recommend (...)
Sam J. - June 4th 2012 - 5 stars - Yelp

Easy pricing !


2-hr Rental


3-hr Rental


6-hr Rental


24-hr Rental

$500 credit card authorization per vehicle rented.